Don’t Let the Weather Veer You Off the (Golf) Course


In a recent report by The Climate Coalition, backed by scientific findings from the Priestley International Centre for Climate, these risks to the golfing world and the impact on greens, fairways, tees and bunkers has been examined. As sea levels rise, it seems the potential for extreme weather, course closures and membership decline rise with them.

“It is a fact that increased rainfall and extreme events are causing more disruption in recreational golf,” says Richard Windows of the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI).

With wetter autumns and winters come muddy conditions, softer surfaces and increased potential for turf disease. In summer, draught, more signs of wear and the irrigation required to maintain playable conditions can lead to a growing strain on revenue for Course management.

While we grapple with and look to reverse the effects of climate change, our strategic partnership with Weather Analytics, an industry-leading provider of global weather data and predictive analytics, has been established to help business owners from a variety of sectors retain their revenue, contain costs, and protect promotions.

So how can it be engaged to help Golf Clubs and Courses?

TMHCC Weatherproof Revenue Protection case study

The Links Golf course earns approximately 20% of its annual revenue from Green Fees and ‘Pay and Play’ customers who come to play at weekends in the summer. However, if it is raining for most of the morning on Saturday, people will be deterred from coming and playing not only in the morning but also on Saturday afternoon - hence they see a significant reduction in revenue for the club. The knock-on effect is that they also lose revenue from lack of food and drink sales.

Solution? The Links Golf Course purchases Weather Insurance to protect their weekend revenue from bad weather. The club shall be reimbursed the estimated daily green fees if there are more than 2 ‘wet’ hours on a Saturday morning in August between 9 am and 1pm. A wet hour is defined here as an hour in which 0.05cm or more of rain falls.

With Weatherproof, getting covered under our umbrella is as simple as providing us with details of the location, dates, timings and specific weather concern you have – from there, we’ll tailor cover to your individual needs.

Why wait ‘til your revenue is at risk?

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