Council Cost Containment


Long and cold winters, including severe weather events like the recent Beast from the East, can have strong negative impacts on local councils. Cold and snowy evenings require more money to be spent on salt spreaders, sustained harsh conditions increase the need for road maintenance and repairs, and the disruption caused to waste and recycle collection leaves councils frantically playing catch-up.

The costs incurred from these contingent measures and the subsequent effect on other services, not to mention the increased need for frequent communications and updates, is enough to send a chill down the spine of those managing the finances for councils. But what if there was a way to limit these additional costs?

Our cost containment insurance is designed to do exactly that. Our experience, expertise, and innovative range of global weather insurance solutions enables councils to safeguard against a reduction in revenue and additional costs incurred from unseasonal weather conditions.

TMHCC Weatherproof council cost containment case study

For example, a town council has an annual gritting budget of GBP 500,000 based on average snowfall during the winter months. In the event of an unexpected and harsh winter, it will face costs in excess of what they can afford, and other areas of public services will suffer as a result.

TMHCC Weatherproof can offer a weather insurance policy to safeguard its budget. The policy will pay a stated value of GBP 20,000 per cm of snow to fall in excess of the budgeted 25cm accumulating over the winter.

If the actual snowfall exceeds the trigger e.g. 28cm, the policy pay-out is GBP 60,000.

Tailored insurance solutions of this type will allow local authorities to keep annual spend on track and keep services running with bespoke cost containment or income stabilisation solutions.

Don’t put it off until a rainy day…

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