A flood of information results in more accurate forecasts

Thanks to our strategic alliance with Athenium Analytics, a leading provider of global weather data and predictive analytics, your business need never be caught out by adverse conditions again with our specialist weather insurance.

We can provide accurate, science-based solutions to insure your exposure against all extremes: snow, rain, temperature or wind.

Our simple 3-step process

The Global Forecast System model

Scouring the sky, ground, sea and space to gather intelligence, the Athenium Analytics team accesses public and private data sources to provide our clients with the most insightful weather analysis available.

Their Global Forecast System model grabs statistics from 40,000 ground stations, geostationary weather satellites, moored and drifted ocean weather buoys, flight path recordings, and military bases. A team of experienced, industry-leading meteorologists then make sense of these disparate global weather sources by creating algorithms to collect, fuse, cleanse, format, and rationalise the data.

Where there is a geographical gap, Athenium Analytics uses its proprietary aggregation process to assure temporal and spatial consistency to fill it.

The result? Exclusive access to the most advanced forecast data commercially available, enabling Weatherproof to deliver accurate historical data for actionable business solutions.