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Is your business at the mercy of the weather? Not anymore, not when Weatherproof can provide personalised weather insurance solutions designed to protect your balance sheet, increase your revenue, and improve your market position. Never again will extreme conditions leave you high and dry.

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Key features

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Protects your business – whatever the weather

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Up to $5m any one risk, any one location


50 times more global historical climate data than any other provider

Making a claim? The outlook’s excellent…

Fast and efficient, we can provide you with an hour-by-hour weather verification report within 48 hours of you making a weather insurance claim. No onsite observers, no loss adjusters, no hassle.

Who’s welcome under our umbrella?

Every business that’s ever been washed out, rained on, snowed under, or blown off course can benefit from our superior weather insurance service. From music festivals and sporting events, to fairs and trade shows; film, TV and production agencies to wedding planners and holiday resorts; manufacturers to local authorities and utility companies.

Latest news

Beast from the East


The “Beast from the East” may have vanished but the financial damage that it caused for many retail businesses is still apparent.

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Don’t Let the Weather Veer You Off the (Golf) Course


While the effects of climate change are far-reaching, our understanding of the risks faced as a result continues to grow rapidly. Among the sectors expected to be impacted the most, sport, central to hundreds of cultures around the world, is at risk. In the UK, golf stands to be affected greatly by changing weather patterns, unexpected heavy rains, high winds and other environmental risks.

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Council Cost Containment


From gritting and snow clearance to school closures and waste collection, local councils are certainly no exception to the long list of businesses who find themselves particularly exposed during periods of inclement weather.

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