A downpour needn’t dampen your profits

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your industry sector, using a team of expert meteorologists, we can source individual weather insurance solutions for your specific exposure, and turn risks into rewards.


Fairs, fetes and festivals are extremely sensitive to the weather with reduced attendance equating to reduced revenue. Our event weather insurance will protect your ticket income if, say, the music at your festival is drowned out, or your fair is hit by a storm.

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We offer an alternative to traditional crop insurance for small farms and growers. Payouts are triggered by specified measurable weather variables such as temperature or rainfall over a specific time period that result in reduced crop yield.

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In an industry driven by timescales, contractors can ill afford to lose precious days due to weather delays. High winds make the operating of machinery impossible, while low temperatures can prevent the pouring of concrete. Fortunately, we can cover your penalty payments, or the additional cost of working if your project is delayed.

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Utility companies face reductions in revenue during milder than average winters, as a warm season will lead to a decrease in demand, meaning lower revenues and lost profits. We have the insurance solution to help.

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Food & Drink

For restaurants or bars, which rely on footfall, warm or dry weather is often essential to attract trade. During an unseasonably cold season, or at an event affected by the rain, profits can plummet, which is when our weather insurance can step in and plug the gap.

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If you run a theme park, a water ski school, or even an outdoor cinema, rain can put a dampener on your business and on your profits. In the event of a wet, miserable summer, our income stabilisation insurance can protect weather sensitive revenues.

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Film & TV

Our film and commercial weather insurance protects budgets against adverse conditions that can result in delays to shooting, rescheduling, extra travel, or even complete cancellations with key talent lost due to time conflicts.

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Designed to increase sales, our promotional weather insurance allows retailers to offer full or partial refunds to consumers on items purchased during an agreed promotional period if an agreed weather peril occurs, for example, snow on Christmas Day.

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Some sports are more susceptible to the elements than others. For those sports, our event weather insurance can protect walk up revenue if there’s a wash out or early finish.

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Poor summers mean poor sales for the hotel and holiday trade. Our revenue protection products will cover businesses in the event of unseasonably bad weather.

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Local Authorities

Local Authorities and Public Services are run on tight budgets and too much of the wrong kind of weather can stretch resources to breaking point. We can keep your annual spend on track and keep services running with bespoke cost containment or income stabilisation insurance solutions.

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The week of the promotion was the best week we’ve had this year. When it started snowing on the target date, the entire town was buzzing. Every television network in Boston was involved and put us on their evening news. On the pay-out day, we had a wonderful party giving out the winnings. We will do this again and I believe it was the absolute best promotion we have ever done”

Glenn Barkley, Vice President and General Manager of Dick Beard Chevrolet