Don’t Let the Weather Veer You Off the (Golf) Course


While the effects of climate change are far-reaching, our understanding of the risks faced as a result continues to grow rapidly. Among the sectors expected to be impacted the most, sport, central to hundreds of cultures around the world, is at risk. In the UK, golf stands to be affected greatly by changing weather patterns, unexpected heavy rains, high winds and other environmental risks.

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Local councils – don’t let the frost bite


From gritting and snow clearance to school closures and waste collection, local councils are certainly no exception to the long list of businesses who find themselves particularly exposed during periods of inclement weather.

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A freezing first!


After the run of Black Friday and Christmas sales, a large range of industries are vulnerable to a three month slump in revenue as the demand for goods and services sees a dramatic decline. Many companies strive for innovative ways to boost sales during this often difficult period.

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Let it snow!


According to reports over 45,000 UK based retailers are in financial distress after customer spending reduced over the festive period which was linked to the snowy weather conditions that dominated parts of the country. The significant snow fall left many travel and distribution problems towards the end of 2017.

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